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I’m Betsy, and this is the website for my podcast. The idea originated when my friends started sending me links to fantastically cheesy, campy, and so-bad-they’re-good movies to get my reaction. So now I watch them, throw in some really good movies from time to time, give my couch commentary, and sometimes drag a friend or two along with me.

Latest Episodes

Super Mario Bros.

You know how there’s a movie so bad that you completely block it from your memory until you and your roommate have covid and it seems like the perfect time to watch it? Well, let me reintroduce you to this one! The fact that we couldn’t find it anywhere and had to resort to a…More

Super Mario Bros Podcast Episode copyright 2022


You know I had to do it. Welcome to my morning of watching a very confusing, safe, definitely lacking movie. Shaq was the only good thing about it. For the record, I did not think Francis Capra deserved the Stinker for Worst Supporting Actor. That honor belonged to any of the people playing a parental…More

Kazaam Betsy Goes to the Movies Podcast episode copyright 2022

Space Jam

Ah, yes. Much better. This is such a fun movie. It’s simple, light-hearted, and it doesn’t try to be anything but entertaining. I have introduced many people to this movie over the years. It’s my civic duty. This came out in 1996 from Warner Brothers and stars Michael Jackson and Bill Murray as themselves, the…More

Space Jam Podcast Episode copyright 2022