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Why do I hate myself? This was an hour and forty minutes of my life that I will never get back. When I was done, I was literally on the couch in a fetal position for about half an hour trying to wrap my poor, poor brain around what I just saw. I am using the word literally correctly here.

My first introduction to this movie was when I stumbled across CinemaSin’s Everything Wrong with The Room in 8 Minutes or Less on YouTube years ago. That, unlike the movie itself, is worth watching. Whenever you see any kind of review that calls this the worst movie ever made, just believe it. Spare yourself. Please.

This movie came out in 2003 as an independent movie. It was directed, written, and produced by Tommy Wiseau and stars Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, Juliette Danielle as Lisa, Greg Sestero as Mark, Philip Haldiman as Denny– I swear I thought they called him Danny through the whole thing, and Carolyn Minnot as Claudette.

Wow. Someone made a TV series about the actors and where they are now that ran from 2016-2018. There’s also a short film called Have You Checked on Denny? that came out in 2016 that only stars Juliette Danielle and someone playing the voice of Tommy Wiseau. I don’t hate myself enough to try to watch that one.

This movie had a $6 million dollar budget. How??!!! I mean, what on earth did they spend it on, because it sure as hell wasn’t anything that was actually used in the movie! My guess is the rights to sing Happy Birthday during the party scene.

I’m going to go keep trying to scrub my brain clean.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I giggled every time you called him Thommy and mentioned how he has no expression. 🙂

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