Velocipastor Podcast Recording copyright 2021
Velocipastor movie poster

Oh, Velocipastor. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I really love this movie. My friend Andi sent it to me about a year ago. I have not regretted it ever since. I lost count of how many people watched it and loved it because of us.

The special effects are… lacking for lack (ha!) of better word. Still, the dialogue, cheesy acting, and horrible costumes more than make up for it. This came out in 2018 by Cyfuno Ventures and was written, directed, and edited by Brandon Steere. Good job! You deserve a round of applause, Brandon! It stars Greg Cohen as Doug, Daniel Steere as Father Stewart, and Alyssa Kempinski as Carol.

Alicia also pops up about halfway through the recording. I should probably give her a heads up when I’m going to record myself watching movies in our living room. Or not. The element of surprise is nice.