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Welcome to the Valentine’s Day episode of my podcast! I really couldn’t think of a better movie than this one to celebrate Hallmark Day. I also convinced Alicia to make another appearance on the podcast and watch it with me.

I love this movie! This one was sent to me last year by my friend Izzie. She is a never ending source of bad movies, and this is only one of the many that will be on this podcast that she sent my way. This came out in 2014 and was written by Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan, and Jordan Rubin, who is also the director. It stars Cortney Palm as Zoe, Rachel Melvin as Mary, Lexi Atkins as Jenn, Hutch Dano as Sam, Peter Gilroy as Buck, and Jake Weary as Tommy.

The tiny squeak you hear after Alicia yells at me for practicing belly button discrimination because outies weird me out is her new kitten, so now there are three cats to disrupt the recordings. I also got him sneezing. It was adorable. Only two of them are mine. I’m not a crazy cat lady… yet.

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  1. Brenda says:

    You covered your tits for a bear is my favorite comment.
    Bonus points for cat disruption


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