Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Podcast Recording copyright 2021
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter movie poster

Happy post Easter! This one came from my friend Andi (although I had been sitting on it for a minute waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it in the podcast). We both felt that Easter was that opportunity.

One of the things I love about this movie is that it chooses to focus on how Jesus preached love and compassion for everyone by having him save the lesbians who are being targeted by vampires. One of the things I did not love is how often Miss Oddball is groped by strange men. It’s sad that not even twenty years ago that was still considered humor and was completely overlooked in all of the reviews.

This came out in 2003 from Odessa Filmworks, and I found it on Amazon Prime. It was directed by Lee Demarbre and written by Ian Dirscoll and stars Phil Caracas as Jesus, Murielle Varhelyi as Maxine, Maria Moulton as Mary, Jeff Moffet as Santos, and Ian Driscoll as Johnny.

Episode notes:

I never realized how much work kind of integrates itself into my descriptions. The opening scene with the nurse? I had just pulled splinters out of two employees’ hands, and they had the same look on their faces.

You will notice a lack of Sunny in the background. He was getting over a stomach bug, and he was definitely not up for destroying his toys. However, I do have accompaniment from a cardinal that decided to hang out on the porch during most of the song and dance routine.

I don’t have any personal experience with arterial spray, but I can’t imagine that it coats glass surfaces like jelly. I may be wrong though.

The subtitles for the music were great. Very descriptive. Every time I make a comment about the music, I’m just reading the subtitles.

I don’t know why Alban and Avellino had to bless the lake when Jesus had just finished performing a baptism in it. Wouldn’t it already be blessed? Christian religions and baptisms aren’t my forte, so I’m not entirely sure how that all works.

Also when I went back and edited this, I was confused by the atheists. I mean, they added a comedic element, but they didn’t make sense in the storyline. I actually forgot all about them by the time the movie ended.