The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 podcast episode copyright 2021
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2 movie poster

AKA, How Alicia Learned to Fast Forward Using an Apple TV Remote.

I am so happy that this is the last one! It starts with the kitten sneezing, which I thought was adorable, so I kept it in. Plus that may be the only redeeming quality about this whole thing.

This recording is definitely lackluster. We were just completely done by the time we got around to this one. I edited out so many yawns, but I was hell bound and determined to get it over with. Ironically, this was the best movie out of the saga if you take out the whole imprinting bullshit thing. It just got down to action, expanded on vampire gifts, and got away from the horrible gaslighting/manipulation/control abusive relationship model. I didn’t say it was good. It’s just not as bad as the rest.

This one came out in 2012 from Summit Entertainment, and it was directed by Bill Condon and written by Melissa Rosenberg based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer. It stars Kristen Stewart as Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob.