El Mariachi

El Mariachi Podcast Episode copyright 2021
El Mariachi movie poster

For Cinco de Mayo, I start with a little history lesson about the origins of the holiday, which actually have nothing to do with Mexico’s Independence Day (and came along about 50 years later), and then I thought, “why not choose a movie that actually kind of personifies what Cinco de Mayo is all about?” So I give you El Mariachi from Robert Rodriguez, a movie about an underdog who never asked to be dragged into a fight against a bigger, badder enemy but wins the day.

Once again, I wound up doing a really good movie. I’m completely deviating from what this podcast was originally about, and that’s okay. I can do great movies sometimes! Next week’s is another great movie too, for that matter. Don’t worry– I’ve got a really bad one coming up.

This came out in 1993 from Columbia Pictures and was written and directed by Rodriquez. It stars Carlos Gallardo as El Mariachi, Consuelo Gomez as Domino, Peter Marquardt as Moco, and Reinol Martinez as Azul, and I rented it.