What Lies Below

Betsy Watches What Lies Below podcast episode copyright 2021
What Lies Below movie poster

First of all, if you want to try to make any sense of this movie, read this article first. Just… trust me. Don’t even worry about spoilers, because nothing will be spoiled. Nothing in that article is actually in the movie. Well, except for her smiling at the end, which I did not realize was supposed to be a smile. I thought she was still screaming.

I don’t even know where to start with this. It’s another baffling Netflix movie in that you have such a bad movie with such a good cast. I cut out all the commentary about their family drama with the grandfather and with the tins in the yard and August 28th because I don’t understand why it was brought into this for all of five minutes. The pacing would have been better without it.

I feel that there was too much of an attempt to try to make the movie more serious than it needed to be instead of letting it fulfill its fun alien-horror-b-movie campfest potential. However, it was nice that while John’s actions alone are creepy and weird, his intentions are not (I mean, beyond trying to impregnate a bunch of red headed women from Earth, but even then it’s about propagation and survival of the species and not an adult hitting on a teenager).

That said, if I still drank and did drinking games and took a shot for every time I say that something in this movie is creepy, I would probably die of alcohol poisoning.

This was released in 2020 from DRF Productions and was written and directed by Braden R. Duemmler. It stars Ema Horvath as Libby, Mena Suvari as Michelle, Trey Tucker as John, and then IMDB has Haskiri Velazquez’s character listed as Miley, but in the movie she was Marley, so I don’t know.