Quick Update for Everyone

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to do an update! No, the podcast is not going anywhere. As you will hear in the intro for the next episode, things in my life are getting much busier. I love my job so much, but it’s definitely taking more energy and time lately as we continue to work on getting back to normal. It’s almost there, and I’ll be back on track soon. The next episode will be out Friday at the latest, and I will do a better job communicating with you!

Thank you for your continued support! Every time I think that maybe no one would really care if I just walked away from this, someone pops up with a comment or suggestion that inspires me to keep going. Just to give you an idea of some of the worst of the upcoming episodes, I have Howard the Duck, The Warriors, Llamageddon, Aquarium of the Dead, and Johnny Mnemonic waiting to be edited. I balanced it out with Coming to America and Tremors. I had to break up the bad with some good.

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