Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck podcast episode recording copyright 2021

I’m sure no one is surprised that this movie is featured on just about every bad movie list out there. It has a 13 on Rotten Tomatoes (but yet a 3.8 out of 5 star rating on iTunes). I kept seeing it, but what made me decide to finally do it was listening to the Howard the Duck episode from What Will We Watch, which is one of my favorite movie podcasts (warning: the link starts playing audio). Somehow getting the perspective from one person who really enjoys the movie and one person who seemed to have a number of “What the actual fuck?” moments inspired me to watch it for an episode. So, here we are!

I actually liked this movie, but I completely and totally acknowledge that it is not good. It reminded me of Earth Girls are Easy, which I should do sometime, in the sense that as long as I understand that it is not good, it’s not going to be good, it won’t make any sense, and I should not expect any kind of intellectual stimulation out of it, then I’m fine.

This came out in 1986 from Universal and was directed by Willard Hyuck. It was written by Willard Hyuck and Gloria Katz based on the character created by Steve Gerber and stars Ed Gale as Howard with Chip Zien as Howard’s voice, Lea Thompson as Beverly, Jeffrey Jones as Dr. Jenning, and Tim Robbins as Phil.