Sharknado 3 & 4

Sharknado 3 & 4 Podcast episode copyright 2021
Sharknado 3 movie poster

I have a system. I get to reward myself with Shark Week episodes whenever I finish a significant chunk of editing. Speaking of, I learned in The Real Sharknado episode that I mispronounced Ian’s name in the intro for the last episode, so I fixed it this time.

Quick update on the podcast: I actually published this as an episode, but I know some of you listen here as opposed to on a podcast platform, so I wanted to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Everyone who works in the service industry knows that it’s incredibly hard right now. Before anyone tells me to get another job, working in the service industry is exactly what I want to do. I walked away from a corporate marketing gig to go back to it. I’m not finding another job or profession or whatever anyone wants to suggest.

That said, the podcast also takes a lot of time, and it’s my baby, so it’s just me doing it. Each episode takes at least six hours to edit. I’ve fallen way behind on social media and finishing my theme song too. When I only worked 40-45 hours a week, it wasn’t so bad, but working 50+ hours, especially with the levels of heat and humidity this summer, is a little harder. Trying to force myself to finish episodes has turned a labor of love into a chore and something I dread, and I have very little time for the other things I need to do in my life. This isn’t a pity party. I simply decided that it is in my personal best interest to keep plugging away but to take away the schedule and need to edit all day long just to get one episode out. I will try to get episodes out at most every two weeks, but they will come out when they’re finished.

Sharknado 4 Movie Poster

Back to the episode!

I wasn’t as into the third Sharknado. This is going to sound weird– even for me– but I felt that they took being over the top a little too far. Or maybe I just had flashbacks to the horrible Jaws 3, which was also set in Florida. The fourth one made it all better though, so it’s all good. However, it’s personally embarrassing how long it took me to figure out why the fourth movie is the fourth awakens. See, the Star Wars trilogy also started with the fourth movie, so episode four… anyway! Moving on! Also I love that April’s prosthetic arm now includes a light saber.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! brings back Cassandra Scerbo as Nova, Ryan Newman as Claudia, Frankie Munez as Lucas, and Jack Griffo as Billy. In Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens, we also have Masiela Lusha as Gemini, Cody Linley as Matt, Imani Hakim as Gabby, Chris and Nicholas Shone as Gil, Gary Busey as Wilford, and David Hasselhoff as Colonel Shepherd.