The Warriors

The Warriors podcast episode copyright 2021
The Warriors movie poster

Look at me, posting two weeks in a row! This lovely gem was recommended by my friend Victor. It’s one of his favorites. It was interesting. I did not have a good first impression, the middle was frustrating, and by the end, somehow I loved the whole thing.

Also there’s some weird static thing going on throughout the recording. I can’t figure out what caused it. I think I need to just give in and buy an actual mic for my phone. I can do the mic on ear buds when I watch alone, but that really doesn’t help when I’m watching with other people.

This came out in 1979 from Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Walter Hill and written by David Shaber and Walter Hill based on the novel by Sol Yurick, which actually was written using people of color as the main characters– something Paramount wasn’t willing to agree to in 1979. It starred Michael Beck as Swan, James Remar as Ajax, Deborah van Valkenburgh as Mercy, Bryan Taylor as Snow, David Harris as Cochise, Tom Mckitterick as Cowboy, Marcelino Sanchez as Rembrandt, Terry Michos as Vermin (that was originally supposed to be Tony Danza), and David Patrick Kelly as Luther. I watched it on HBO Max.