Tremors podcast episode copyright 2021
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Remember on like my third or fourth episode when I did the very last Tremors movie in the series and said I needed to do the first one? Well, here we are! Erin and Amir (our adopted nephew) did this one with me, and Alicia joined us about a quarter of the way through.

Fun fact: I am 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon. Alicia’s grandfather was roommates with James Earl Jones who starred in The Magic 7 with Kevin Bacon.

It’s so funny how all of these episodes are different, and there still, almost a year into this, isn’t a working formula. I’ve scrapped several recording with just myself that worked better with other people involved, and I’ve gotten rid of recordings with other people that work better when it’s just me. And there are episodes that I wish I had been able to record with other people but didn’t get the chance. This episode definitely would not have been as good solo. I laughed so much during editing. My two favorite parts are Alicia and the horsepower and Erin and chipmunk guns.

I’m also glad that I’m not the only one who tries to justify unrealistic movies.


  1. nscovell says:

    I love Tremors. It’s one of those movies that doesn’t get a lot of love from the horror community but is one of the best well known horror films. It may lack the creepy factor of many 90s horror but it’s just amazing.


    1. I now love all of the Tremors movies. The first one was more suspenseful than horrific, and I definitely jumped a few times.

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