Aquarium of the Dead

Aquarium of the Dead podcast episode copyright 2021
Aquarium of the Dead movie poster

Welcome to the Aquarium of the Dead, a movie that leaves more questions than it answers: Questions like: How did Daniel lose so much blood from a scratch on his arm and two on his face? What was even the point of him getting woozy and needing medical attention for all of 30 seconds halfway through the movie? Why did everyone have to crawl through the ducts when Dr. James was able to walk around? Why were EMTs the ones to respond to a fire alarm and not the fire department? When they said people were running around screaming, where were the people who were supposedly running around screaming? How did the EMTs open and operate an elevator when everything was on lockdown with no power? Why did the EMTs tell dispatch they would be there in 30 minutes to respond to the fire alarm when they were standing right outside the building and then make it a top, heroic priority to get everyone out later? Why do I keep trying to apply logic to movies like this? Why does Beth, who has complained this entire movie about the stupidest stuff like losing her phone, stoically endure a zombie starfish that latched onto her abdomen and started to eat its way through her body??? Why does the zombie walrus look like a seal with tusks? Why does Miranda keep telling Clu they’re moving when they never leave the room? Why, when they figure out that the animals rely on sound, do they keep panicking and running? Why aren’t any of the people who were attacked, especially the ones who are dead, turning? I mean, the octopus turned in seconds. What about Hyde, Pearce, Joe, Beth, Daniel, Karen? What was the point of Clu’s death scene? Like did she even do anything productive by jumping off the platform waving an axe and plunging to her death?


This cinematic gem came out in 2021 from The Asylum and was directed by Glenn Miller. The screenplay was written by Marc Gottlieb based on the story by Michael Varrati, and it stars Eva Ceja as Miranda, D.C. Douglas as Daniel, Viveca A. Fox as Clu, Madeleine Falk as Karen, Anthony Jensen as Senator Blackburn, Erica Duke as Beth, Brandon Lee W. as Skylar, and Robert Contrado as Schuster and Jeffrey Thomas Johnson as Smith, the two EMTs.