Fright Night

Fright Night Podcast Episode copyright 2021
Fright Night Movie Poster

I forgot how much I like this movie! It’s sad when that happens. This one was requested by my friend Kelly, and it was a nice one to watch while I unwrapped Halloween decorations.

It’s so funny how as we get older different things bother us. When I saw this the first time, I was already in my 20’s, and Jerry trying to make out with Amy never even phased me. 20 something years later, I was so grossed out by it. Also I forgot how pissed off Peter Vincent made me with all his running away bullshit! And could Charley be any more of a hysterical idiot by constantly calling the police and trying to make people believe his story without any kind of proof?

This came out in 1985 from Columbia Pictures and was written and directed by Tom Holland (thank you Tom for giving me one of the two good movies I’m going to get to watch this week). It stars William Ragsdale as Charley, Chris Sarandon as Jerry the vampire, Amanda Bearse as Amy, and Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent.