Nick Knight

Nick Knight podcast episode copyright 2021
Nick Knight movie poster

Wow, did this movie make me sick. Literally. Clearly whoever was in charge of cinematography has never had motion sickness. Other than that, it wasn’t as bad as other movies I had to watch for this week. It was more like a pilot than a movie, which I suppose is what it was meant for since it led to the Forever Knight TV series, which I remember watching.

I definitely felt that I was missing a lot of the story line, like there was a different movie before this one we should have seen first. The plot holes made it confusing, especially when we didn’t get explanations for things (like Nick in the tanning bed) until way after they happened or we were given information that wound up being irrelevant.

This came out in 1989 from CBS. It was directed by Farhad Mann and written by Barney Cohen and James Parriot. It stars Rick Springfield as Nick, John Kapelos as Schanke, Robert Harper as Jack, and Laura Johnson as Alyce.

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