Blacula podcast episode copyright 2021
Blacula movie poster

Yay, a movie I enjoyed! Just to clarify, I did not record in the order in which I posted, so this came after Bloodrayne and Priest. Then I binge watched this, Fright Night, and A Girl Walks Alone because I had to do something.

I liked this movie a lot, so thank you Brenda, for sparing me from suffering. It’s the right amount of so-bad-it’s-good and camp and cheese and “what the hell just happened” and “oh shit look out!”. But I have to ask, what was with the make up and costuming? The humans were beautifully dressed and made up, and the monsters looked like the director gave a kindergarten class a bunch of face paint, curtains, and some noodles and told them to have fun.

Quick notes:

  • When I say that Billy unlocked the coffin and Bobby cut himself, that was backwards.
  • Also love how I suddenly become an anatomy expert when I watch these movies and magically know where every major artery lies within the body.
  • There was also no explanation or background given regarding everyone’s connections with each other. I was about halfway through the movie before I realized that Tina and Michelle are sisters, and Michelle and Gordon are dating.
  • After some extensive Google searches, I couldn’t find anything that said an unembalmed body can move its hand from its chest to the edge of a coffin, so I call bullshit on the funeral home director.

This came out in 1972 from American International Pictures. It was directed by William Crain and written by Joan Torres and Raymond Koenig. It stars William Marshall as Blacula, Vonetta McGee as Tina, Thalmus Rasulala as Gordon, and Denise Nicholas as Michelle.