Priest podcast episode copyright 2021
Priest movie poster

First of all, trying to herd cats is easier than getting everyone who was part of this recording into the same room to watch a movie. We lost Sandra about ten minutes in when she fell asleep, and Malia learned that when I say we’re watching a bad movie, I’m not kidding. This was still fun to record. I’m so glad I didn’t have to watch it alone. I don’t think I could have done that again. Bloodrayne was bad enough. My friend Izze, who has a wealth of bad movie suggestions, came up with this one for me.

We also spent an inordinate amount of time talking about other movies. I think that’s becoming an underlying theme for bad movies.

This was also a teeny bit irritating to edit. Right when everyone stopped passing the very loud bag of chips around, it started raining on the tin roof. We basically switched crickets and crinkling for drumming. The volume kept jumping up and down, and finally I gave up trying to control it. So what I’m trying to say is that this is a very noisy recording. If you need clean recordings, then this is not the episode for you.

This came out in 2011 from Screen Gems and was directed by Scott Stewart. It was written by Cory Goodman and based on the graphic novels (which I like, by the way) by Min-Woo Hyung. It stars Paul Bettany as Priest, Karl Urban as Black Hat, Cam Gigandet as Hicks, Lily Collins as Lucy, and Maggie Q as Priestess.