Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers

Hawk and Rev podcast episode copyright 2021
Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers movie poster

Finally! A movie I actually for real liked! This one is great. It has all the perfect elements of a so-bad-it’s-good movie. The dialogue is quippy without being stilted, the characters are over the top without being ridiculous, the special effects are ridiculous– but in a good way. I’m annoyed that the first recording didn’t take so I could release it on Halloween, but it turns out the recording for the episode that was supposed to come out today didn’t take either, so here we are.

Dave, thank you for this recommendation. Seriously. Thank you. Also they have a website, so go to https://www.hawkandrev.com/ to check it out.

This came out in 2020 from RBG Films, Loaded Image Entertainment, and Clumsy Tiger Productions. It was written and directed by Ryan Barton-Grimley who also stars as Hawk along with Ari Schneider as Rev and Jana Savage as Theo.