Thankskilling podcast episode copyright 2021
Thankskilling movie poster

Welcome to the Thanksgiving episode! Sorry for missing last week. There are some health things going on with me right now, and I didn’t have the energy to do anything.

This absolutely fantastic, Oscar worthy movie was recommended by my friend Andi, who is a wealth of bad movie ideas. It was something else all right. Not in a hurry to watch this one again. But on the plus side, I got to watch the lunar eclipse immediately after I finished recording.

This came out in 2008 from In Broad Daylight Films. It was directed by Jordan Downey who wrote it along with Kevin Stewart with help from Brad Shulz, Anthony Wilson, and Grant Yaffee. It stars Lindsey Anderson as Kristen, Lance Predmore as Johnny, Aaron Ringhiser-Carlson as Billy, Ryan E. Francis as Darren, Natasha Cordova as Ali, and Jordan Downey was also the turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and happy free day off if you don’t! Unless you work retail. Then my heart goes out to you from now until about January 5th.