Killer Piñata

Killer Piñata podcast episode copyright 2021
Killer Piñata movie poster

Finally! A movie I actually enjoyed! It’s been a minute. Erin watched this one with me. We laughed. We had our hearts touched by the piñata’s plight. We were grossed out. Many thanks to my dear, dear friend Brandy for this one!

I think it’s funny how much Erin and I wind up going on tangents when we watch movies together, like trying to guess where the movie was set instead of just looking it up.

Also, if there was ever a story that teaches the dangers of bullying and revenge, this one is it. We very early on started rooting for the piñata. The weapons montage was also just epic. I loved it.

This came out in 2015 from Angry Mule Productions and was directed by Stephen Stramontana who wrote it with Megan MacManus based on a story by Nick Weeks. It stars Eliza Morris as Lindsey, Lindsay Ashcroft as Rosetta Stone (yes, that’s her character’s name), Billy Chengary as Scott, Nate Bryan as Chad, and Davinia Palmer as the piñata.