The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse podcast episode copyright 2021
The Lighthouse movie poster

This was recommended by Sandra who swears up and down that she actually told me NOT to watch it. I really wish that had been what she actually said. So, sorry Victor, that this was your first foray into cohosting the podcast!

I understand that the book is really good, and I want to read it. I think the movie would have made a lot more sense if I had. The movie though… William Dafoe’s and Robert Pattinson’s considerable talents were wasted. I had no idea what kind of movie I was supposed to be watching or what was supposed to be going on other than they basically died from complications due to cabin fever, and drinking lamp oil is a bad idea. Was this supposed to be a horror movie? Thriller? Drama? Maybe if it hadn’t been so visually dark, I would have been able to tell.

Yes, we did watch Krampus: Unleashed next. We had to. I couldn’t end my day on this one.

This came out in 2019 from A24. It was directed by Robert Eggers who wrote it with Max Eggers. It stars Robert Pattinson as Ephraim and william Dafoe as Tom.