Tremors 4: The Legend Begins

Tremors 4 podcast episode copyright 2021
Tremors 4 movie poster

I told you I’d get around to doing all of them eventually. Of course they’re not going to be in any kind of order. It’s not as much fun that way.

I have so many questions. First and foremost is how was it that if Burt’s ancestor first fought the Graboids, that information was never passed down to his descendents? Because it looks to me like there easily could have been some kind of record left behind, and Burt and his ancestors don’t seem like the kind of people who wouldn’t have left at least an oral history of these things in case they ever came back. It makes sense not to tell the general public. Just not the families of the people who actually fought them.

This came out in 2004 from Universal Home Entertainment and went straight to video. It was directed by S.S. Wilson, who wrote it with Brent Maddock and Nancy Roberts. It stars Michael Gross as Hiram, Burt’s ancestor, so glad he’s back, Sara Botsford as Christine, Brent Roam as Juan, Ming Lo as Chang, Lydia Look as Lu Wan, Sam Ly as Fu Yien, August Schellenberg as Tecopa, J.E. Freeman as Old Fred, and Billy Drago as Black Hand Kelly.