Gremlins podcast episode copyright 2021
Gremlins movie poster

Welcome to the episode in which Alicia perfects her gremlin voice and Erin gets really frustrated at Billy’s lack of action! I also apparently decided to start a cross over and kept calling Gizmo a Mogli from The Jungle Book, and I kept calling Stripe Spike. But I mean, that could have worked (in my defense, I usually don’t get out of work until after midnight and had to have Lucy at the vet at 9 that morning. Then our furnace broke. It was a day).

If there was ever a forerunner for campaigns against animal experimentation, this movie is it. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too sad about the science teacher. I did have a question after I started editing though. If they couldn’t eat after midnight, what was the time at which they could start to eat? Was it after the sun came up? Noon? The mom was also the real MVP of the movie. She was a complete bad ass.

This came out in 1984 from Warner Brothers. It was written by Chris Columbus and directed by Joe Dante. It stars Zach Galligan as Billy, Phoebe Cates as Kate, Corey Feldman as Pete, Polly Holliday as Mrs. Deagle, who must be the sweetest woman in the whole world because it took her less than thirty seconds to make me hate the character’s guts, Francis Lee McCain as Lynn Peltzer (Billy’s mom), and Hoyt Axton as Randall.