Krampus Unleashed

Krampus Unleashed podcast episode copyright 2021
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Honestly, the hardest part abut this episode was deciding which Krampus movie to watch. I had no idea there are so many. What it boils down to is expect at least one of the holiday movies to be a Krampus movie for the next ten years, because there are too many good choices to only do one.

This definitely did not disappoint. It took less than five minutes for me to get sucked in and start yelling at the screen. Victor, who hasn’t had to watch a movie with me in years, was very entertained. I don’t know if it was meant to be a comedy, and if it’s not, then I’m sorry, but we laughed our asses off for quite a bit of it. I would also like to apologize to everyone involved in its creation for getting so mad that Troy and David weren’t killed off early. The way they met their demises was worth the wait.

As usual, I have questions. Why on earth did Roger and Terry stock up on heat sensing, night vision equipment and high powered rifles to hunt Bigfoot if they were going to wander around the woods in the dark with only a pistol and shotgun? I think it was a shotgun. I don’t remember. Also why did they have to die? Personally I liked my idea of having them wander around lost in the woods until they stumbled on the kids and so they could help kill Krampus, but noooo. We have to kill off the lovable goofballs. Well, Terry was a lovable goofball. At least he had morals. Roger… not so much. Whose idea was it to make Troy a really weird perv, and why didn’t any adults tell him to stop blatantly taking pictures of his cousin’s ass while snickering like Beevus and Butthead? He nonstop hit on her, and they acted like nothing was happening. That was gross.

This came out in 2016 from Funhouse Features. It was written and directed by Robert Conway and stars Bryson Holl as Tommy, Amelia Brantley as Bonny, Taylor Buckley as Troy, Caroline Lassetter as Fiona, and Travis Amery as Krampus.