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Ape vs Monster Podcast Episode
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It was a January. I feel like it lasted 31 years, but somehow I never seem to be able to find time to do anything. I blame the cats. And covid. And the weather. And things breaking down and falling apart.

But now it’s February! In honor of Black history month, each movie I choose this month will feature a black performer. I know it’s not historical. I couldn’t find any Black history movies I wanted to take apart in the inglorious vein of this podcast.

To make up for missing most of January, I felt that it was my civic duty to choose a really great bad movie, so I give you this lovely gem that I stumbled across on Showtime. As mock busters go (I actually had not heard that term before now, but it makes so much sense), this one is definitely worth it. It’s full of gaping plot holes, continuity errors, a serious need for fact checking, a mix of good old fashioned misogyny and feminism, and some pretty impressive CGI. The background thumping noises are brought to you by Mr. Peepers and his new toy.

As a disclaimer, I think it was 3 am when I watched it (for the second time). It was after a long night at work and little sleep. As I edited, I was really struck at my loss for words. For instance, “lizard-like” instead of “reptilian” and Linda was obviously in her field gear and not combat gear. There also may have been some slight exaggerations like when I said the Gila monster was sixty feet tall. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t more than thirty. Did I learn my lesson? Pfft. Nope! Listen for more 3 am recordings coming soon!

This movie, which has 2.1 stars on IMDB, which I did not think was fair, came out in 2021 from The Asylum. It was written by George Michael Phillips and directed by Daniel Lusko. It stars Black actress Arianna Scott as Linda, Kaie Sereika as Eva, Shayne Hartigan as Jones, and Eric Roberts as Marcos. Shout out to R.J. Wagner for making me absolutely despise his character, General Delaney.