Cupid podcast episode copyright 2022
Cupid movie poster

This really isn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I was also really disappointed that I couldn’t find my first choice, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. I feel like that would have been a much better Valentine’s Day movie. Who doesn’t love a feel good slasher flick about a chainsaw worshipping cult of prostitutes?

I don’t really have a lot of notes. I felt like this had a lot of potential that wasn’t explored, and overall it wasn’t really commentary inspiring. I also probably had covid at this point since I tested positive a couple days later, so that could be why.

This came out in 2020 from Uncorked Productions. It was written and directed by Scott Jeffrey and stars Georgina Jane as Faye, Black performer Michael Owusu as Mr. Jones, Abi Casson Thompson as Miss Drake, Ali Barouti as Matt, Bao Tieu as Cupid, and Sarah T. Cohen as Elise.