Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam A New Legacy podcast episode copyright 2022
Space Jam a New Legacy movie poster

There was so much background noise in this episode! It was ridiculous. So welcome back! I’m sorry I bailed for a few months. Apparently work is always and forever going to be very busy and great but exhausting, and I’m always going to struggle for work life balance, so rather than beat myself up for not being able to get an episode out on time each week, I’m just going to do them when I can. I am shooting for every two weeks though.

Y’all. If you enjoyed the first Space Jam and watch this thinking it will be of the same ilk, just be warned. It is not. It’s not a lighthearted, goofy, fun, straightforward movie. It’s an attempt at a feel good, father-son relationship story with some cartoons thrown in. The actors tried. I actually enjoyed LeBron. I love that the WNBA was represented. I got a chuckle out of Michael B. Jordan’s cameo. But I did not like this movie at all, and I actually changed my mind and watched the original one just to cleanse my soul. I didn’t like that they tried to make it deep or that Warner Bros basically used it to plug every franchise they own. It was one giant two hours long Warner Bros commercial wrapped up in a tired story line of “parent doesn’t understand child, parent tries to make child be like parent, parent finally accepts child after almost losing child.”

This came out in 2021 from Warner Brothers and stars LeBron James as himself, Cedric Joe as Dom, and Don Cheadle as Al G Rhythm.