Kazaam Betsy Goes to the Movies Podcast episode copyright 2022
Kazaa Movie Poster

You know I had to do it. Welcome to my morning of watching a very confusing, safe, definitely lacking movie. Shaq was the only good thing about it. For the record, I did not think Francis Capra deserved the Stinker for Worst Supporting Actor. That honor belonged to any of the people playing a parental role. He did deserve the one for worst hairstyle.

Ironically I end the movie with something about watch this if you’re bored and have covid, not realizing that I had covid. I tested positive the next day.

This movie was kind of annoying to watch. There were too many scenes with bullies, and then every time you started to really get into the storyline, there would be another weird scene that was supposed to either highlight Kazaa’s powers or tie in to their complicated relationship but somehow managed to do neither. But the special effects were pretty!

This came out in 1996 from Touchstone Pictures. It was directed by Paul Michael Glaser, who wrote it along with Christian Ford and Roger Soffer. It stars Shaquille O’Neal as Kazaam, Francis Capra as Max, James Acheson as Nick, Ally Walker as Alice, and John Costelloe as Travis.