Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Yes, I know this is two weeks late. It’s also definitely not what I wanted for St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose there could be some hidden meaning about a saintly hero sacrificing himself so that others could live if you want to go that route. I actually wound up liking this movie more than I…More

Starship Troopers 2 podcast episode copyright 2022

Get Out

I went for the really good movie this week, but this is probably my favorite solo commentary. This one was recommended by Amir, and it is amazing and terrifying, and I wish I hadn’t decided to watch it alone at 1:30 in the morning, but I did, so there. It deserved way more awards than…More

Get Out podcast episode copyright 2022

Hard Rain

This was recommended by my friend Izze when we were in the middle of an insane amount of rain last year, I think. Maybe the year before. It’s just a great, mindless, predictable heist/natural disaster movie with quippy banter and great pyrotechnics. The recording is not the best in the world because I was in…More

Hard Rain podcast episode copyright 2022


This really isn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I was also really disappointed that I couldn’t find my first choice, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. I feel like that would have been a much better Valentine’s Day movie. Who doesn’t love a feel good slasher flick about a chainsaw worshipping cult of prostitutes? I don’t…More

Cupid podcast episode copyright 2022

Ape vs Monster

It was a January. I feel like it lasted 31 years, but somehow I never seem to be able to find time to do anything. I blame the cats. And covid. And the weather. And things breaking down and falling apart. But now it’s February! In honor of Black history month, each movie I choose…More

Ape vs Monster Podcast Episode

Masters of the Universe

Well, thanks to covid wreaking havoc in various parts of life and a broken heater, I am completely off schedule. So this episode will cover last week and this week, and hopefully I’ll get some good recording and episodes lined up to get back on track. Meanwhile, I give you the ultimate so-bad-it’s-good movie! This…More

Masters of the Universe podcast episode

Krampus Unleashed

Honestly, the hardest part abut this episode was deciding which Krampus movie to watch. I had no idea there are so many. What it boils down to is expect at least one of the holiday movies to be a Krampus movie for the next ten years, because there are too many good choices to only…More

Krampus Unleashed podcast episode copyright 2021


Welcome to the episode in which Alicia perfects her gremlin voice and Erin gets really frustrated at Billy’s lack of action! I also apparently decided to start a cross over and kept calling Gizmo a Mogli from The Jungle Book, and I kept calling Stripe Spike. But I mean, that could have worked (in my…More

Gremlins podcast episode copyright 2021

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins

I told you I’d get around to doing all of them eventually. Of course they’re not going to be in any kind of order. It’s not as much fun that way. I have so many questions. First and foremost is how was it that if Burt’s ancestor first fought the Graboids, that information was never…More

Tremors 4 podcast episode copyright 2021

The Lighthouse

This was recommended by Sandra who swears up and down that she actually told me NOT to watch it. I really wish that had been what she actually said. So, sorry Victor, that this was your first foray into cohosting the podcast! I understand that the book is really good, and I want to read…More

The Lighthouse podcast episode copyright 2021