Krampus Unleashed

Honestly, the hardest part abut this episode was deciding which Krampus movie to watch. I had no idea there are so many. What it boils down to is expect at least one of the holiday movies to be a Krampus movie for the next ten years, because there are too many good choices to only…More

Krampus Unleashed podcast episode copyright 2021


Welcome to the episode in which Alicia perfects her gremlin voice and Erin gets really frustrated at Billy’s lack of action! I also apparently decided to start a cross over and kept calling Gizmo a Mogli from The Jungle Book, and I kept calling Stripe Spike. But I mean, that could have worked (in my…More

Gremlins podcast episode copyright 2021

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins

I told you I’d get around to doing all of them eventually. Of course they’re not going to be in any kind of order. It’s not as much fun that way. I have so many questions. First and foremost is how was it that if Burt’s ancestor first fought the Graboids, that information was never…More

Tremors 4 podcast episode copyright 2021

The Lighthouse

This was recommended by Sandra who swears up and down that she actually told me NOT to watch it. I really wish that had been what she actually said. So, sorry Victor, that this was your first foray into cohosting the podcast! I understand that the book is really good, and I want to read…More

The Lighthouse podcast episode copyright 2021

Killer Piñata

Finally! A movie I actually enjoyed! It’s been a minute. Erin watched this one with me. We laughed. We had our hearts touched by the piñata’s plight. We were grossed out. Many thanks to my dear, dear friend Brandy for this one! I think it’s funny how much Erin and I wind up going on…More

Killer Piñata podcast episode copyright 2021


Welcome to the Thanksgiving episode! Sorry for missing last week. There are some health things going on with me right now, and I didn’t have the energy to do anything. This absolutely fantastic, Oscar worthy movie was recommended by my friend Andi, who is a wealth of bad movie ideas. It was something else all…More

Thankskilling podcast episode copyright 2021

Main Street

This movie is bad. I don’t mean bad like Bloodrayne or The Room. Those at least have the makings of being cult classics. Main Street is just plain bad. It was actually recommended by my friend Luka who then watched it with Alicia, and they told me it would probably make me angry. I decided…More

Main Street podcast episode copyright 2021

Hawk & Rev Vampire Slayers

Finally! A movie I actually for real liked! This one is great. It has all the perfect elements of a so-bad-it’s-good movie. The dialogue is quippy without being stilted, the characters are over the top without being ridiculous, the special effects are ridiculous– but in a good way. I’m annoyed that the first recording didn’t…More

Hawk and Rev podcast episode copyright 2021


First of all, trying to herd cats is easier than getting everyone who was part of this recording into the same room to watch a movie. We lost Sandra about ten minutes in when she fell asleep, and Malia learned that when I say we’re watching a bad movie, I’m not kidding. This was still…More

Priest podcast episode copyright 2021

Bloodrayne & Once Bitten

Yes, this is a two for one deal. I just wanted to get my two least favorite movies over with. These cinematic masterpieces were recommended by Erik and Lorra for Once Bitten and JD for Bloodrayne. Once Bitten is lazy. There’s no other way I can put it. It relies heavily on sex to keep…More

Once Bitten & Bloodrayne podcast episode copyright 2021