Twilight New Moon

Yes, there is another one. No, I’m not doing all of them back to back. I like my sanity too much. So! A few things about this episode. First of all, I was much calmer and more invested, which, as it turns out, lasted right up until the point when Edward showed back up. I…More

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Words I never thought I would say include “the kitten is too young for rum”. Wow, this movie is a lot of bad. And I still have four more to go! To give you the run down of how this happened to come into my life, Alicia had just recovered from Covid, and in a…More

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It (2017)

Quick note here: I record and edit these in advance, so this was recorded on January 14 while we were still in quarantine and had just gotten Mr. Peepers, Alicia’s kitten. So no one in my house has Covid anymore, we are out of quarantine, and the kitten is definitely part of all of the…More

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Dangerous Lies

This one was brought up to me on Twitter by the folks at the Choose Films podcast, and I figured it was the perfect way to round out the Valentine’s Day theme. The only redeeming quality it has to offer is that it has a good cast. Everyone is flat and one dimensional except Adam,…More

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Welcome to the Valentine’s Day episode of my podcast! I really couldn’t think of a better movie than this one to celebrate Hallmark Day. I also convinced Alicia to make another appearance on the podcast and watch it with me. I love this movie! This one was sent to me last year by my friend…More

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Oh, Velocipastor. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I really love this movie. My friend Andi sent it to me about a year ago. I have not regretted it ever since. I lost count of how many people watched it and loved it because of us. The special effects are… lacking…More

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Your Highness

This is another one of my favorites. It is crude, hilarious, and over the top. It was also exactly what I needed after watching The Room. In fact, I watched them back to back just to restore my mental equilibrium. I have absolutely no idea how the cast pulled this off with straight faces, but…More

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The Room

Why do I hate myself? This was an hour and forty minutes of my life that I will never get back. When I was done, I was literally on the couch in a fetal position for about half an hour trying to wrap my poor, poor brain around what I just saw. I am using…More

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This is another one I never saw before. Yes, there is a very long list of movies that fall into that category. My friend Erin, who had never seen it either, watched it with me. It was great. We kept going off topic and had to rewatch the scene in Quint’s house three times because…More

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Tremors: Shrieker Island

This glorious gem of a movie was recommended to me by my friend Lorra. It is everything I look for in a bad movie– cheesy dialogue, continuity errors, over the top acting, bad special effects, in other words, it’s so bad that it’s good. The audio quality isn’t that great because I’m still trying to…More

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