A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Welcome to the Halloween movie marathon! This year I chose vampires for the theme. Then I asked for suggestions. Wow. Either you guys hate me, love seeing me suffer, or spend too much time watching terrible movies because some of these are painful. This one I enjoyed though. Being in black and white kept you…More

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night podcast episode copyright 2021

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Welcome to this week’s episode where we talk about everything but the actual movie we were supposed to watch! Also Amir and Erin really get their Matthew McConaughey impressions down pat. He wasn’t part of the movie either. I’m sorry, Victor. I know you love this movie. We did not. The animation was good, and…More

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow podcast episode copyright 2021

Johnny Mnemonic

First of all, the lack of sideburns was inexplicably very upsetting as you can tell from the first ten minutes of the recording. Second of all, we did this the same day we did Tremors, and the fact that four people with ADHD managed to sit still this long is nothing short of miraculous. But…More

Johnny Mnemonic podcast episode copyright 2021

Aquarium of the Dead

Welcome to the Aquarium of the Dead, a movie that leaves more questions than it answers: Questions like: How did Daniel lose so much blood from a scratch on his arm and two on his face? What was even the point of him getting woozy and needing medical attention for all of 30 seconds halfway…More

Aquarium of the Dead podcast episode copyright 2021


Well. This was… something. I remember that I wouldn’t see it because it was CGI, and the few trailors and pieces of content I saw were disturbing. I was not wrong. Admittedly it was cutting edge for 2007. But as you can hear, it wasn’t really my thing, especially because no one would put clothes…More

Beowulf podcast episode copyright 2021


Remember on like my third or fourth episode when I did the very last Tremors movie in the series and said I needed to do the first one? Well, here we are! Erin and Amir (our adopted nephew) did this one with me, and Alicia joined us about a quarter of the way through. Fun…More

Tremors podcast episode copyright 2021

The Warriors

Look at me, posting two weeks in a row! This lovely gem was recommended by my friend Victor. It’s one of his favorites. It was interesting. I did not have a good first impression, the middle was frustrating, and by the end, somehow I loved the whole thing. Also there’s some weird static thing going…More

The Warriors podcast episode copyright 2021

Sharknado 5 & 6

Welcome back! Things I have learned in this podcasting journey include the need for a hiatus during the summer. Trying to work in masks with heat indexes in the triple digits completely wiped me out. So thank you for not giving up on me, and we are back to it with the end of the…More

Sharknado 5 & 6 podcast episode copyright 2021

Sharknado 3 & 4

I have a system. I get to reward myself with Shark Week episodes whenever I finish a significant chunk of editing. Speaking of, I learned in The Real Sharknado episode that I mispronounced Ian’s name in the intro for the last episode, so I fixed it this time. Quick update on the podcast: I actually…More

Sharknado 3 & 4 Podcast episode copyright 2021

Sharknado 1 & 2

Welcome to Betsy celebrates shark week by overindulging in bad shark movies! I made Sharknado bonus episodes because why not? This is what I do when I’m suddenly given free time. Not go on a trip (I mean, a hurricane is supposed to hit us tomorrow, so it’s not like I can really go anywhere…More

Sharknado 1 & 2 podcast episode copyright 2021