Avalanche Sharks

Happy Shark Week! I love shark week, and not just because it’s an excuse to watch really bad shark movies (look for a run of bonus episodes featuring all six Sharknado movies coming up). This definitely falls in the cheesy, so bad it’s good categories. I enjoyed it a lot. Just as a heads up,…More

Avalanche Sharks podcast episode recording copyright 2021

Independence Day

Hey, look! An episode is out on time! The ironic thing is I set up this podcast to have seasons so I could take a break as needed, and instead, I keep struggling when I run short on time. Lucy is definitely better. There are some things I have to keep an eye on, but…More

Independence Day podcast episode recording copyright 2021

Howard the Duck

I’m sure no one is surprised that this movie is featured on just about every bad movie list out there. It has a 13 on Rotten Tomatoes (but yet a 3.8 out of 5 star rating on iTunes). I kept seeing it, but what made me decide to finally do it was listening to the…More

Howard the Duck podcast episode recording copyright 2021

Quick Update for Everyone

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to do an update! No, the podcast is not going anywhere. As you will hear in the intro for the next episode, things in my life are getting much busier. I love my job so much, but it’s definitely taking more energy and time lately as we…More

Space Sweepers

We’re back to the good movies! The next couple are all actually all good. I thoroughly enjoyed this, right down to the improbable slightly fairytale ending, although if you think about it, Dorothy was looking out for her own interests too because if her dad was dead, who else would take care of her? Moving…More

Betsy Watches Space Sweepers Podcast Episode copyright 2021

What Lies Below

First of all, if you want to try to make any sense of this movie, read this article first. Just… trust me. Don’t even worry about spoilers, because nothing will be spoiled. Nothing in that article is actually in the movie. Well, except for her smiling at the end, which I did not realize was…More

Betsy Watches What Lies Below podcast episode copyright 2021

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

I’m sorry for the delay on this! Everything changing at work with the lifting of all restrictions and no notice so we could prepare properly kind of threw a wrench in the works for my week. Remember when I said I would get around to a bad movie eventually? Here you go! We recorded it…More

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again podcast episode recording copyright 2021

Bull Durham

Even though I was born in Atlanta and spent a lot of time there, I consider Durham to be equally my home. Despite all of the gentrification and increased cost of living, I love it here. I also love the Durham Bulls, and going to the games, even if I can only make it to…More

Bull Durham Podcast Episode copyright 2021

El Mariachi

For Cinco de Mayo, I start with a little history lesson about the origins of the holiday, which actually have nothing to do with Mexico’s Independence Day (and came along about 50 years later), and then I thought, “why not choose a movie that actually kind of personifies what Cinco de Mayo is all about?”…More

El Mariachi Podcast Episode copyright 2021

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

AKA, How Alicia Learned to Fast Forward Using an Apple TV Remote. I am so happy that this is the last one! It starts with the kitten sneezing, which I thought was adorable, so I kept it in. Plus that may be the only redeeming quality about this whole thing. This recording is definitely lackluster.…More

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 podcast episode copyright 2021