Die Hard

I had to do something to make up for last week. I think that’s going to be the pattern from now on. When I do something really bad, I have to follow it with something really good. I forgot how good this movie is. I haven’t seen it since the mid 90’s, and it aged…More

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The Star Wars Holiday Special

Yes. I went there. I dragged my good friend and wonderful roommate Alicia along with me, partly because I didn’t want to watch it alone and partly because it was her idea. Also if you listen at the end of the intro, you can hear my cat Lucy. She was trying to climb underneath my…More

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Hello! Welcome to the first post for my podcast, Betsy Goes to the Movies… and sometimes her friends come too. About the movie: It was released in 1978 as a low budget spoof of B-movies (that is very obvious) and was directed by John DeBello, who also was one of the producers and writers. It…More

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Podcast Recording copyright 2020