Who We Listen To

I wouldn’t be much of a podcaster if I didn’t listen to podcasts, now would I? These are the ones that get me through housework, yardwork, and Animal Crossing. I did not include links for podcasts that don’t have a website, but you can search for them wherever you listen to podcasts.

Console Kids: Four friends discuss video games, movies, TV shows– if you grew up in any kind of geek culture, you will relate to this!

Inner Idiot: It’s like listening to my inner dialogue but funnier

Two Girls versus One Weird World: Currently on hiatus, Fiona and Nikki discuss the world’s mysteries from cryptozoology to urban legends to unsolved mysteries to aliens

Hillbilly Horror Stories: Jerry and Tracy talk about the paranormal, ghosts, things that go bump in the night, and even how some rock and roll legends have their roots in the occult

A Paranormal Chicks: Donna and Kerri bring southern charm, sass, and a lot of hilarity to the worlds of the paranormal and true crime

Welcome to Nightvale: A small desert town posts community updates on the local radio station about the strange lights in the sky, hooded figures, angels, and other entities and events that affect their town on a regular basis

Choose Film: A Reel Retrospective: Rebecca and Gary dive deep into movies chosen by their guest hosts each week

Cinementality: Two film students review the latest movies, discuss movie news, and talk movies

What Will We Watch: Filmmakers go down memory lane as they discuss movies from their childhoods that influenced them or create nostalgia

American Vampire: I feel bad putting this here because it seems to be on hiatus, but it’s so good. Sid and Briana discuss Twilight.

Cocaine & Rhinestones: Tyler Meehan Co delves into the lives and history of country legends going back to country’s roots

The Long Dance: Erik and Drew discuss Durham’s most famous unsolved mystery from the 70’s when a medical student and her boyfriend were found strangled, tortured, and tied to a tree

That’s What I’m Tolkien About: Mary Clay Watt shares her journey through the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit for the first time