Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic podcast episode copyright 2021
Johnny Mnemonic movie poster

First of all, the lack of sideburns was inexplicably very upsetting as you can tell from the first ten minutes of the recording. Second of all, we did this the same day we did Tremors, and the fact that four people with ADHD managed to sit still this long is nothing short of miraculous. But I definitely had to cut out about an hour of just random, meandering conversation, mostly about other movies.

I’m pretty sure no one sits around and says, “Remember all those great sci-fi/futuristic movies from the ’90’s?” Well, there’s a good reason. Henry Rollins and Ice T are the only saving graces (sorry, Keanu and Dina). I realized that one of the problems I have with 90’s futuristic stuff is that the movies have little vision. The main concepts weren’t outside the realm of possibility for the time, and the technology and devices were actively being used then. Like fax machines, phone hackers, the taxi, the clothing styles, VCRs.

This came out in 1995 from TriStar Pictures and was directed by Robert Longo. It was written by William Gibson who also wrote the short story from which it was based. It stars Keanu Reeves as Johnny, Dina Meyer as Jane, Henry Rollins as Spider, Ice-T as J-Bone, and Dolph Lundgren as the Street Preacher.

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